Bien dans ta peau
Feel good into your skin! The first cosmetic line specially designed for young women.

A brand for girls, and only girls! Say goodbye to those products for young skin, typically for both girls and boys, and their fragrances and packaging that are even more depressing than a song by Adele!

Here is where color and joie de vivre reign, with lovely, Liberty oral packaging and, more importantly, delicious textures and fragrances that always make applying any Lady Green product an absolute delight. A welcome, all-out positive and optimistic attitude! Because, if you think about it, we really shouldn’t let our little skin problems get us down!


From its contagious good vibes and addictive fragrances, you might not guess right away that Lady Green is actually a certi ed organic brand active in defending the health of our skin and our planet. That means that our formulas are guaranteed to contain no parabens, no GMOs, no phenoxyethanol, no PEG and are not tested on animals... Put simply, there’s no junk in them! On the other hand, being Ecocert certi ed, they’re loaded with tons of natural active ingredients known for their e ectiveness in enhancing the beauty of young skin. Finally an alternative and gentle formulas to address our little skin problems without having to strip our skin.


Why can so many girls today, who feel good about themselves and their times, relate to Lady Green? Maybe because Lady Green is in fact created by modern young women! As the rst participative brand, Lady Green is the culmination of suggestions from over 200 young women united via social media. Together, they’ve approved everything about the brand, from product names to bottle designs, as well as the fragrances they love and product ideas to make our lives so much easier. And today still, Lady Green is always there for us online. For once, someone who really listens to us!

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